Chapter 28 What To Do When Nothing Else Is Working

For many of us the Clash is so cataclysmic that it is improbable that our  inherent biology will be able to overcome the environmental obstacles we face.  It may well take the use of aggressive tools  to accommodate our personal reality.

 It’s time to seriously take stock. How long have you been overweight? What have you tried in the past? And how successful have those past efforts been? If you were to follow the advice I laid out in the previous chapters, how quickly could you get to an ideal weight? And could you remain at that weight the rest of your life?

 For many of us, there comes a time when we need help, serious help. We realize that we need to consider modifying our biology to better deal with our environment. We are not equipped to simply plan our way out of the Clash. We may need the help that comes from medications and surgery.

 Because of the ancient myth of the Seven Deadly Sins, I have found that many people resist these accommodations, viewing them as a last resort or something only weak people do. Instead, these are tools that will help you become successful and healthy the rest of your life.

 Now the accommodations I’m suggesting in the coming chapters require consultation with a physician. This is another area where you may have to do some extra research. Understand that many healthcare professionals still follow old myths. They think that if you just eat less, exercise, and plan better you will get to a healthy weight. Do not work with these folks. You need a more enlightened professional who understands the Clash and the options for accommodating your biology to better deal with the current environment.

 At the very least, you may want to consider working with one of the anti-obesity medications if they are appropriate for you.  Or, if the medications are not sufficient to help you regain your wellbeing, surgery may be the best option for your overall health.

 Again, your life literally depends on your ability to deal with the Clash. It may be that we need to accommodate our inherent biology to succeed and live the rest of our years as vibrant, healthy, and happy people.