Chapter 12 Our Complex Biology

As you can see, Mother Nature has set us up for survival.

I’ve just scratched the surface describing the complex processes she has created to not only protect us from a harsh environment, but to allow us to thrive. But as we’re about to discuss, our environment has been altered drastically.  You’ve heard how our bodies work well in a traditional environment, but also how they are unprepared for the environment we now find ourselves in.

 It might be tempting to feel like we’ve been set up to be fat and unhealthy, but that isn’t the case. Everything that contributes to obesity has its roots in a helpful process. We need glucose for energy, and we need to store fat for energy when we’re not eating.

 Once we remove the myths of sloth and gluttony, we recognize that we are fat because of some very specific biological structures and processes that make us gain weight and store fat. And once we understand that genetics have a large impact on who we are and how we store and use fat, we’ll quit blaming ourselves and begin to work with the biology we have and alter our environment whenever possible.  Mother Nature really does care about you. She wants you to survive and be able to pass along your DNA. The problem is she doesn’t change quickly. The processes she set up worked for thousands of years. Suddenly, though, we have a new environment that confuses those wonderful processes.  We aren’t doomed! We just have to do things differently to stay healthy in our new environment. So let’s take a look at this new environment so we’ll be better equipped to make healthy choices